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Educational Technology / Curriculum Lab 

Educational Technology /Curriculum Lab 

Dev Samaj College of Education - ET Laboratory Dev Samaj College of Education - ET Laboratory

The college has well equipped ET/ Curriculum lab which serves a safe place for large number of cameras, OHPs, LCD projector, smart board, laptop, maps, globes, instructional materials, mike system, TV, audio tapes, video clips, slides, scanner, projection screen, display board, music system, slide projector, speakers, printers, stop watch etc. as part of latest teaching aids for students. CCTV cameras are installed in all the rooms and all spaces in and around campus facility. While in some classes smart boards are installed, in other OHPs are set up to facilitate the teaching- learning process optimally. Teachers carry with them their personal laptops in the classes as a supplement device. College is a complete Wi-Fi zone supporting the techno-savvy environment for the better functioning of the institute. It makes both the teachers and students engage in modern educational technology curriculum and pedagogy.