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Our college is marking the thirty fourth year of DSCE's historical journey. A journey that is speedily and continually rushing towards its zenith point leaving landmarks behind, for others to follow. Not only it has been pioneer in women education in India, it has the pride of having set standards for every other institute to follow. We believe in competing with ourselves, setting a new standard every time and surpassing our own set standards each time we make a new achievement. It has since decades been shaping the face of education and will continue to do so. Each passing day we experience the freshness of the ripe fruit of our efforts in the days past and life becomes an ongoing journey. Our college aims to groom the prospective teachers to the level where they can be well placed in society and not only that but prove to be productive for it. 

Each passing year the college strategy and execution undergoes reformative and dynamic changes. We introduce new measures that will find themselves instrumental in the holistic development of the students. We lay emphasis on feedback, because self-assessment helps us grow in a better manner. As the input flows in, each year we make an honest effort to remove all the pitfalls that might prove degenerative for the institute. 

Our aim has always been to maintain and enhance the quality of education being imparted. We intend to compete globally. The college has been providing them with quality education that is non-stagnant in nature and has metamorphosed beautifully over time leading to new techniques and improved methodologies in teaching. 

After all that has been said about progression, this message would not be complete if I fail to mention one very important aspect of the life here at DSCE - it is our Value Based Education System. Despite everything undergoing an avant-garde change at our institute, and we striving day and night towards it, we have a legacy to follow. The legacy is in the form of our core principles, values and ethics given by our Founder Bhagwan Dev Atma. The code of conduct is something that is given high regard. Our Chairman Shriman Nirmal Singh Dhillon a man of exceptional strength of intellect and mind also firmly believes that character and integrity are the pillars to success, so we aim at propagating and practicing the same. Each student of DSCE is expected to be embedded in this core culture of high ethical conduct without which the structure of society begins to fragment. 

I am sure that those associated with DSCE understand that they are prototypes for others, are learned prospective teachers and hold a social responsibility for the upliftment of society. I wish that they follow the success stories of their predecessors and contribute to the ever enhancing glory of the institution, for they are the ones who will carry this chronicled and commemorated legacy forward. 

Warm Wishes

Dr. Agnese Dhillon