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Vision, Mission & Values

DSCE - Mission, Vision & ValuesVISION
Keeping in view the vision of Revered Bhagwan Dev Atma to empower and emancipate women, the vision of the college is to shape, sensitize and inculcate in the prospective teachers a desire for excellence combined with right attitudes, values and ideologies.

  • To achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.
  • To facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skills and methodologies and to exercise responsible leadership and render selfless service to the community.

The mission of DSCE is to train a qualitative renewable talent bank of dedicated, committed educators who are intellectually well developed, socially concerned, morally upright and spiritually oriented teacher citizen of India. The result is a wholesome personality that creates value for organizations even while meeting the challenges of the 21st century and bridging the chasm between the haves and the have-nots. Faculty, staff and administrators facilitate the transformational change that is sought to be brought about in the young people who pass through the corridors of DSCE. People who walk the talk make the vital difference at DSCE. By personal example, they inspire students to imbibe the virtues of hard work, perseverance and carry a positive attitude.

The institution has the following Core Values as envisaged by NAAC:

  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering global competencies among the students
  • Inculcation of a value system among students
  • Promoting the use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence