House System


To provide intimate personal contact with teachers, each student is assigned a tutor who guides her throughout her stay in the college.
Activities in the tutorials are academic discussions along with :

  • Identification of good speakers, good writers and quiz team.
  • Handwriting and B.B. writing competition, preparation of Charts/Models and posters.
  • Playing of musical instruments, Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar, Sitar etc.
  • Rangoli, Flower arrangement and salad preparation competitions.
All the tutors maintain a record of the activities under taken by each student.

The purpose of having 'houses' is to provide opportunities to students for self expression, inculcate leadership qualities to help students to shoulder responsibilities and help them to understand the concept of co-operation and team spirit. The students from all the sections are divided into six houses.
  1. Mother Teresa House (Aug to Sept)
    Incharge: Dr. Rohit Bhandari, Dr. Neeru Malik
  2. Sarojini Naidu House (Oct to Nov)
    Incharge: Ms. Rajbir Kaur, Ms. Deepti
  3. Annie Besant House ( Jan to Feb)
    Incharge: Mrs. Kiranjit Kaur, Mrs. Madhavi Goyal
  4. Lakshmi Bai House (March to April)
    Incharge: Mrs. Charanjit Kaur, Mrs. Manjeet Kaur

Each house functions under the charge of two teachers and remains on duty for one calendar month. The main duties of each house are:
  1. To organize at least one seminar and one inter house function.
  2. To check cleanliness of the campus and to maintain discipline in the campus.
  3. To check late comers and wrong parking of vehicles.
  4. To conduct assembly.