Keeping in mind the inculcation of civic behaviours, social cohesion, moral values and life skills to enable prospective teachers to cope up with the outside world for the benefit of society, we have provision of the following clubs in the college.

Environment Club aims at creating environment awareness among the would be teachers and the inmates of urban and rural slums of Chandigarh by organizing seminars, poster making, slogan writing competitions etc.

Human Rights Education & Legal Awareness Club Main objectives of the club are to create awareness about human rights in schools, colleges and in the public specially in rural areas of U.T. The club also gives guidance to any person who has to file or defend a case.

Red Ribbon Club The aim of this club is to generate awareness among masses regarding causes and control of HIV/AIDS.

Music Club The aim of Music Club is to create interest and to develop favorable attitude among the students towards music. The students of music club are trained for Vocal, Instrumental, Classical & Light Music.

Literary Club The sole purpose of the club is to cater the needs of the students and also to develop their interest in literature and language. The club organizes various activities like debate, declamation contest, extempore and paper reading contest etc. Public Relation Club The aim of the public relation club is to enable the students to acquire the skills for preparing press releases, managing the wall magazine and the college magazine for the academic session.

Peace Club The club organizes numerous activities to promote culture of peace through teacher education.

Following is the list of clubs along with their respective teacher in charge:

Indoor Clubs
Environment Club/Green Audit Cell Dr. Anita Nangia
Dr. Seema Sareen
Human Rights and Legal Awareness Club Dr. Neeru Malik
Dr. Kamini Gupta
Red Ribbon Club Mrs. Madhavi Goyal
Mrs. Manjeet Kaur
Music Club Ms. Rajbir Kaur
Sh. Narinder Singh
Literary Club Mrs. Arvinder H. Singh
Dr. Anita Nangia
Mrs. Madhavi Goyal
Public Relations Club Mrs. Manjeet Kaur
Mrs. Madhavi Gayal
Mrs. Namrita
Peace Club Dr. Richa Sharma
Mrs. Charanjit Kaur
Eye Donation Club Dr. Anuradha Agnihotri
Mrs. Shefali Cheema

Social Service Club
Social Service clubs aim at bringing awareness and helping people within a local community to identify social needs and to consider the most effective ways to meet these needs. Following centres have been adopted by the college for community service.
OutOutdoor Clubs (Social Service Club)
Blood Bank GMCH, Sec-32, Chd. Dr. Anuradha Agnihotri
Ms. Shefali Cheema
Institute for the Blind, Sec-26, Chd. Dr. Rohit Bhandari
Dr. Richa Sharma
Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, Sec-23, Chd. Dr. Seema Sareen
Ms. Rajbir Kaur
Old Age Home, Sec-15, Chd. Dr. Neeru Malik
Dr. Kamini Gupta