Master of Education (M.Ed.): Scheme, Syllabi and Courses of Study


The class runs on annual system.

Following are the course contents offered to the students by the college. Scheme, Outlines of Tests, Syllabi and Courses of Reading for M.Ed. Examination, 2009-10 (General Full Time Course).

S.No.Papers No T.Marks ExternalInternal
A(i) Foundation paper (compulsory)
Paper I: Foundation of Education (Philosophical and Sociological)
Paper II : Advanced Educational Psychology
Paper III : Methodology of Educational Research and Educational Statistics
3 X 100= 300 225 75
A(ii) Optional PaperPaper IV & V (Specialization) 2 X 100= 200 150 50
B. Field based experience related to supervision and evaluation of practice-teaching and other aspects of school Experience of B.Ed. Programmes 50 25 25
C. Dissertation 100 75 25
TOTAL 650 475 175
Note: Out of the total marks 25% are to be internally evaluated in each paper (as per UGC Model Curriculum) and counted for the division. Total marks 475+175=650.

B. Guidelines for Evaluation of the Field-Based Experience related to supervision and evaluation of practice teaching.

Internal External
1 School appraisal report 5 5
2 Co-curricular activities 5 5
3 One Model Lesson 5 5
4 Two Micro Lessons 5 5
5 Teaching Practice 5 5
Total (50) 25 25
A.Guidance & Counselling80602020155
G.Educational Technology80602020155
H.Special Education80602020155
E.Teacher Education1007525------

Paper I, III and Teacher Education
House tests (2): 15 marks
Seminar: 5 marks
Classroom Interaction: 5 marks
Paper II, Educational Technology and Guidance and Counselling and Special Education
House tests (2): 12 marks
Seminar: 4 marks
Classroom Interaction: 4 marks
Attendance and Performance during Practical Periods