Extra Academia - Year 2008-09


Skill in Teaching Competitions
The Panjab University organizes Skill in Teaching and On the Spot preparation of Teaching aids and Inter College Skill in Teaching Competitions in different zones to evaluate the proficiency, talents and expertise of the prospective teachers. The college students participated enthusiastically in all the Skill in Teaching Competitions.

Home Science Competitions
Students participated in Cookery Competition held at Government Home Science College, Chandigarh where Shweta got second prize. On World Tourism Day, celebrated at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, our students won lot of prizes in different categories of "Dry Flower Arrangement" competition. A Fevicryl Workshop was also organized in which students learnt to prepare different items like Coffee Painting, Best out of Waste, Paper Craft etc. Home Science students also participated in a "Talk on Gastro Intestnal Diseases" and Cookery Competitions held at Home Science College, Sector 10, Chandigarh, where Sanya got second prize.

Panjab University Zonal Skill in Teaching Competitions students won
1sr prize        Teaching of Commerce
2nd prize        Teaching of Social studies
2nd prize        Teaching of English
3rd prize        Teaching of Mathematics
3rd prize        Teaching of Economics

In the competition of "On the Spot Preparation of Teaching Aids"
1st prize         Teaching of Social Studies
Consolation     Teaching of Punjabi.

Panjab University Inter Zonal Skill in Teaching Competitions
In Inter Zonal Skill in Teaching Competitions our students were the proud recipients of
1st Prize        Teaching of Fine Arts
1st Prize        Teaching of Computer Science
1st Prize        Teaching of Music
1st Prize        Teaching of Mathematics
1st Prize        Teaching of Physical Education
2nd Prize        Teaching of Commerce
3rd prize        Teaching of Home Science.

In "On the Spot Preparation of Teaching Aids"
1st Prize        Teaching of Fine Arts
1st Prize        Teaching of Home Science
2nd Prize        Teaching of Computer Science
3rd Prize        Teaching of Music.


Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival
The Panjab University 49th Youth and Heritage Festival was held in GMT College of Education, Ludhiana. The students brought many laurels to the college in various items and made the institution proud by getting
1st Prize        Group Dance
1st Prize        Classical Dance
1st Prize        Mime
1st Prize        Skit
1st Prize        Vaar
1st Prize        Cartooning.
Ruchi got first individual in Group Dance and Neha got first individual in Group Bhajan.
2nd Prize        Folk Song
2nd Prize        Group Bhajan
2nd Prize        Knitting.
3rd Prize        Clay Modelling
3rd Prize        Kavishri stood third amidst many participating teams and
                    3rd individual Prize was given to Neha Walia in Group Song.

Panjab University Inter Zonal Youth Festival
After winning so many firsts in Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival, students competed in various items in Inter Zonal Youth Festival held at Guru Nanak College of Education, Doraha. Reena got first indvidual prize in Group Dance, Winpreet got second prize in Classical Dance and Group Dance stood second.