The college library subscribes to 60 journals, out of which 54 journals are National and 06 journals are International as well as online.
S. No.TitlePeriodicity
1.  Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha Quarterly
2.  BCM Research Colloquium Bi annual
3.  Contemporary Vibes Quarterly
4.  Dev Samaj Samachar Weekly
5.  Divine radiance Monthly
6.  Diviner Half Yearly
7.  Edu-Research Quarterly
8.  Edu Tracks Monthly
9.  Education Sector Quarterly
10.  Educational Beacon: A Research Journal Annual
11.  Educational Quest Four monthly
12.  Everymans' Science Bimonthly
13.  GHG Journal of Sixth Thought Bi annual
14.  Guru Nanak Journal of Sociology Half Yearly
15.  Herald of Health Monthly
16.  Indian Educational Abstracts Half Yearly
17.  Indian Educational Review Half Yearly
18.  Indian Journal of Educational Studies Annual
19.  Indian Journal of Teacher Education: Anweshika Half Yearly
20.  Issues and Ideas in Education Bi annual
21.  Jeevan Path Monthly
22.  Journal of AIAER Quarterly
23.  Journal of Advanced Studies in Education & Management Bi annual
24.  Journal of Community Guidance & Research Quarterly
25.  Journal of Education Yearly
26.  Journal of Educational & Psychological Research Bi annual
27.  Journal of Educational Planning & Administration Quarterly
28.  Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology Half Yearly
29.  Journal of Indian Education Quarterly
30.  Language and Language Teaching Half Yearly
31.  Modern Educational Research in India Quarterly
32.  NAAC News Quarterly
33.  Prathmik Shikshak Quarterly
34.  Purity Monthly
35.  Rashtra Mahila Monthly
36.  Recent Researches in Education & Psychology Quarterly
37.  Research Journal Social Sciences Half Yearly
38.  Researcher's Tandem Quarterly
39.  Resonance Monthly
40.  Sadbhavna Bulletin Half Yearly
41.  Samkaleen Sahitya Samachar Monthly
42.  Sangeet Monthly
43.  School Science Quarterly
44.  Technolearn Bi annual
45.  The CTE National Journal Half yearly
46.  The Educational Beacon: A Research Journal Annual
47.  The Educational Review Monthly
48.  The Primary Teacher Quarterly
49.  The Vedanta Kesri Monthly
50.  The World Renewal Monthly
51.  UN News Monthly
52.  University News Weekly
53.  University Today Fortnightly
54.  Priprekshya Four Monthly
 International & Online Journals

S. No.TitlePeriodicity
1.  Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions Quarterly
2.  Journal of Special Education Quarterly
3.  Journal of Teacher Education Bimonthly
4.  Learning Disability Quarterly Quarterly
5.  Review of Research in Education Annual
6.  Theory and Research in Education Half Yearly