Ph. D. Theses

S. No.TitleInvestigatorYear
1. Effect of behaviour modification techniques on aggressive pre-school children of anganwadi centers in Chandigarh Batani Devi 1989
2. Gifted achievers & underachievers their personality profiles, need achievement and socio-economic status Mahmood Ahmed Khan 1994
3. The effect of knowledge communication techniques in relation to creativity on conceptual learning of grade eleven students of Commerce Raj Rani Aggarwal 1995
4. Developing integrated thinking styles among students through selected instruction packages of CoRT Subhashini Passi 1996
5. Teaching behaviour of beginning teachers as related to development of self actualizing personality and skills of teaching during Teacher Education Programme Alka Behari 1997
6. Effectiveness of jurisprudential inquiry model of teaching for developing social cognition, social consciousness, attitude towards secularism and social behaviour Rekha Singh 1998
7. A study into the effectiveness of the ETV lessons conducted by the UGC Manjusha M. 1998
8. Rashtriya shiksha neeti 1986 ke antargat neuntam adhiktam satar yojna ka Jabalpur jile mein shiksha nagar sthit adarsh prathmik shala ke kaksha 1 se 5 tak ke chhatar chhatrayon ke liye karyanvayan-mulayankan evam sujhav (Hindi) Urmila Barsayan 1998
9. A study of mathematical creativity and attitude with its impact on scholastic achievement of high school pupils in a tribal setting Shambhu Prasad Tiwari 1999
10. An experimental study in curriculum development to promote effective learning of Mathematics using aesthetic sensibility Geetha K. 1999
11. Learning styles and locus of control of gifted and average students in different academic subjects Navita Mahajan 1999
12. A critical appraisal of some operating distance education models in India Malti Vohra 1999
13. Educational philosophy of Dev Atma and its implications for the Indian educational system Agnese Dhillon 2003
14. A study of the educational thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and J. Krishnamurti and their relevance to the present system of education in India Saroj Gupta 2006
15. A study of emotional intelligence, cognitive styles and personality types of academically talented and average students Anita Dhawan 2006
16. A study of personal values of senior secondary school students in relation to school environment and home environment Anshu Narad 2007