Programme Officers: Dr. Neeru Malik, Ms. Rajbir Kaur

The college has two units of N.S.S. In the academic session one 10 day camp is organized and then 5 one day camps are conducted. This is a compulsory activity of the B.Ed. students in the college.

International Peace Day was celebrated in collaboration with Yuv Satta on 22nd Sept 08. The function highlighted the need and importance of International Peace and the ways in which the students can contribute to it. Students presented inspirational speeches on World Peace.

To mark the occasion, Creative Writing competition was held on the themes "World Peace-The Only Way for Survival"," Education For Peace", "World Peace-An International Perspective", " My Ideas On Peace" and "When Peace is in your Heart". The main purpose of observation of such day is to inculcate the virtues of tolerance, love, peace and brotherhood among youth.

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