Programme Officers: Dr. Neeru Malik, Ms. Rajbir Kaur

The college has two units of N.S.S. In the academic session one 10 day camp is organized and then 5 one day camps are conducted. This is a compulsory activity of the B.Ed. students in the college.

NSS volunteers taking out a rally on literacy
On the third day of the NSS camp i.e 26th Sep, 08 at Buterla village Dr.UmaVasudev, Senior Dermatologist General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh spoke on the disease leprosy. She tried to clear all myths and fallacies related to the disease. She brought one leprosy patient along with her to make people aware about the symptoms of the disease. While speaking on Leprosy she said that this disease is curable and non transferable. She elaborated on this through multimedia presentation. She distributed pamphlets on Leprosy and asked the people to avail the services provided by the Government to fight this deadly disease.

Sh.Atman.d.Podale, NSS officer from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, also visited on the same day to evaluate the working of the NSS units of the college. He along with the principal of the college and NSS programme officers took a round of the village and interacted with the residents. He also visited Dadu majra, the village that was adopted by the college in the last two sessions.

In the afternoon session along with teaching, art and craft items were taught to the children and adults. Other activities included in the session were Henna Applying, embroidery, dance, theatre skills etc.

On the fourth day of NSS camp at Buterla village i.e 27th Sep, 08, NSS volunteers took out the rally on Aids Awareness in the village that was followed by the lecture on Aids Awareness by Mrs Varsha , Project Manager , Janani Suvidha Yojna ( JYS). In lecture she explained on the causes of the disease, how it spreads and preventive measures to avoid the disease. Along with NSS volunteers of the college, many residents of the village also attended the lecture. The lecture was followed by the questions answer session. Mrs varsha answered all the queries posed by the villagers and NSS volunteers.

In the afternoon session regular activities like teaching, embroidery, stitching, dancing, homecraft and henna applying were taught to the residents especially ladies of the village.