Programme Officers: Dr. Neeru Malik, Ms. Rajbir Kaur

The college has two units of N.S.S. In the academic session one 10 day camp is organized and then 5 one day camps are conducted. This is a compulsory activity of the B.Ed. students in the college.

Hindi Diwas Celebrated
Hindi Diwas is a festival of commitment and dedication towards Rajbhasha. In the present era of globalization and urbanization, the relevance of Hindi as our national language is deteriorating day by day, unless we recognise our respective mother tongue and respect our Rashtra Bhasha, we will not achieve true progress. Our nation will lose its character and identity. Keeping these views Hindi Diwas was celebrated by holding different contests with a view to spread awareness about our National language and to mark the importance of Hindi language. The programme began with the views expressed by the college students on the Importance of Hindi Language. The other competitions organised on the occasion were Essay Writing, Doha Recitation & Dumb Sharads on Idioms and Proverbs of Hindi Language. Students enthusiastically participated in these competitions. Prizes were also awarded for different contests held on the occasion.The function concluded by taking a pledge that "We should proud to be an Indian and take pride in speaking Hindi language".