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M.Ed. 2008-09

S.No Roll No. Student’s Name Topic Supervisor
SESSION 2008-2009
1. 1 Kumud Sharma A Comparative Study of Utilization of Mathematics Laboratory by Government and Private Secondary School Students of Chandigarh Mrs.Kiranjit Kaur
2. 2 Divya Anand Self-confidence in Relation to Personality Traits and Parental encouragement of Senior Secondary School Students. Dr. Agnese Dhillon
3. 4 Shweta Rani Adjustment among Adolescents in Relation to their Self Esteem Dr. Seema Sareen
4. 6 Anuradha Sekhri Mental Health of Undergraduate Students in Relation to Social and Emotional Intelligence. Dr.Batani Devi
5. 7 Jyoti Arora Educational Thought of Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak Dr. Jyoti Khanna
7. 9 Swati A Study of Job Satisfaction among Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Personality Types Dr.Anita Nangia
8. 10 Mamta Bansal Effect of Teaching Practice on Anxiety and Self-confidence of Pupil Teachers. Dr.Kiran Chopra
9. 11 Ankush Jain Attitude of Adolescents towards Modernization in Relation to Personality Traits Mrs.Kiranjit Kaur
10. 12 Amita A Study of Social Competence among Adolescents in Relation to Parenting Style Dr. Batani Devi
11. 13 Namrita Jouhal school Environment as related to Creativity AMONG THE school STUDENTS OF CHANDIGARH Mrs.Richa Chibbar
12. 14 Meenakshi Dhiman Adjustment of Prospective Teachers in Relation to their Marital Status Dr. Neeru Malik
13. 15 Pooja Gautam Level of Aspiration of Class IX Students in Relation to Socio emotional Climate of the School Dr. Seema Sareen
14. 16 Surekha Dwivedi Attitude of Parents towards their Mentally Challenged Children in Relation to Socio- economic Status Dr. Anita Nangia
15. 17 Manoj Kumari Godara A Comparative Study of Mental Health of YogA and Non-yogA Prospective Teachers Dr.Kamini Gupta
16. 18 Prabhdeep Kaur Educational Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev and its Relevance to the Modern System of Indian Education Dr.Kamini Gupta
17. 20 Ravinder Kaur Attitude of Parents and Teachers towards Co-education at Secondary Level Dr. Manjula Kataria
18. 21 Jagminder Kaur Teaching Effectiveness in Relation to Occupational Stress AMONG Senior Secondary School Teachers. Dr. Agnese Dhillon
19. 22 Bandana Jaswal Attitude of Adolescents towards Gender Discrimination in Relation to Socio-economic Status Dr. Anuradha Agnihotri
20. 23 Bahardeep Kaur Educational Interests of Under-graduate Students in Relation to their Socio-economic Status. Dr. Neeru Malik
21. 24 Rupinderjit Kaur A Study of Guidance Needs of Rural and Urban Adolescents Dr.Manjula Kataria
22. 25 Simmi A Study of Personal Values of Adolescents in Relation to Family Environment Dr.Batani Devi