Zonal - Inter Zonal Youth And Heritage Festival


The students participate in different cultural and extracurricular activities like Folk Dances, Classical Singing, Group Singing, Theatrical Items, Traditional Heritage Items, Fine Arts Items, Home Science Items, Quiz, Literary items at Zonal and Inter zonal Youth and Heritage Festivals and win laurels. The students are also made to participate in Inter-college competitions. The cultural events are also performed during college function on various occasions. The details of achievement of last two years is given below:
  Youth Festival 2018-19 held at D.A.V College, Hoshiarpur 2nd to 5th October 2017

Sr.No. Item Position
1. Group Song 1st
Individual(Jaspreet Kaur) 2nd
2. Shabad 2nd
3. Percussion 1st
4. Non-Percussion 1st
5. Folk Song 1st
6. Classical Vocal 1st
7. Gazal 1st
8. Collage Making(Shaweta Gupta) 3rd
9. On the Spot Painting(Shivani Bisht) 2nd
10. Creative Writing Poem(Gazala Khan) 1st
11. Mime Individual (Deepali) 2nd
12. Mimicry (Jyoti Sharma) 2nd
13. Skit 3rd
Individual(Diksha Sharma) 2nd
14. One Act Play 1st
Individual(Priyanka) 1st
15. Poem Recitation 2nd
16. Phulkari 1st
17. Kali Singing 2nd
Individual(Divya Makhija) 2nd
18. Folk Instruments 3rd
19. Folk Orchestra 3rd
20. Folk Dance(Luddi) 3rd
Individual(Romilla Bhatia) 3rd

Youth Festival 2017-18 held at A.S.College Khanna 3rd to 6th October 2017
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Group Shabad 1st
2. Group Song 1st
3. Individual (Kirti Kaushal 1st 1st
Individual (Ritu Maan) 2nd 2nd
4. Gazal 1st
5. Folk song 2nd
6. Classical Vocal 3rd
7. Folk Orchestra 1st
8. Individual (Annie Mathur) 1st
Individual (Uttera Kataria) 2nd
Individual (Kirti Ghai) 3rd
9. Percussion 1st
10. Non-percussion 1st
11. Folk Instrument 2nd
12. Kali Singing 2nd
13. Individual (Simranjit Kaur) 3rd
14. Vaar Singing 3rd
15. Individual (Simranjit kaur) 2nd
16. Guddian Patole 2nd
17. Chikku Making 2nd
18. Mitti de khodne 3rd
19. Collage Making 2nd
20. On the spot painting 2nd
21. Photography 3rd
22. Still Life (Shivani) 2nd
23. Still life (Neha) 3rd
24. Debate 2nd
25. Elocution 3rd
26. Mime 1st
27. Mimicry 3rd
28. Quiz 3rd
29. Poem recitation 2nd
30. Creative Writing (Poem) 3rd
31. Creative Writing (Essay) 3rd
32. Histrionics 2nd
33. Luddi 2nd
Individual (Prabhleen Kaur) 1st
Individual (Diksha Sharma) 2nd

Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival: Session: 2016-2017
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Shabad 3rd
2. Light Music Vocal Geet 2nd
3. Group Singing (Indian) Individual 3rd
4. Classical Music Vocal 1st
5. Instrumental Music (Indian) Percussion 1st
6. Instrumental Music (Indian) Non-Percussion 1st
7. Folk Instrument 3rd
8. Folk Orchestra 1st,
9. Folk Orchestra : Individual 1st
10. Ladies Traditional and Ritualistic Songs of Punjab 3rd
11. Vaar 1st
12. Vaar (Individual) 1st
13. Kali 1st
14. Kali ( Individual ) 1st
15. Poem Recitation 3rd
16. Creative Writing Story 2nd
17. Embroidary Bagh 3rd
18. Crochet 3rd
19. Luddi 3rd
20. Luddi (Individual) 3rd
21. Quiz 3rd
22. Chikku Making 3rd
23. Mitti De Khidaune 3rd
Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival: Session: 2015-2016
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Group Song 1st
2. Folk Dance 1st
3. Installation 1st
4. Mime 1st
5. Ladies Tradional Song 1st
6. Kali Singing 1st
7. Vaar Singing 1st
8. Classical 1st
9. Folk Song 1st
10. Percussion 1st
11. Histrionics 1st
12. Non-Percussion 1st
13. Histrionics 1st
14. Knitting 1st
15. Group Folk Orchestra 2nd
16. Skit 2nd
17 Quiz 2nd
18 Folk Instruments 2nd
19 Mimicry 2nd
20 Poem recitation 2nd
21 Mehandi 2nd
22 Peerhi Making 2nd
23 Shabad/ Bhajan 3rd
24 Geet/ Ghazal 3rd
25 Rangoli 3rd
26 Clay Modelling 3rd
27 Collage Making 3rd
28 Photography 3rd
29 Cartooning 3rd
30 Elocution 3rd
31 Creative Writing (Essay) 3rd
32 Embroidery-Phulkari/ Bagh 3rd
33 Crochet Work 3rd
34 Khiddo Making 3rd
Inter-University Youth and Heritage Festival Session: 2015-2016
Sr.No. Item Position
1 Kali Singing 3rd
Inter-Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival Session: 2015-2016
Sr.No. Item Position
1 Kali Singing 2nd
2 Kali Singing (Individual) 1st
3 Ladies Tradional Song (Ind) 2nd
Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival: Session: 2014-2015
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Shabad Bhajan 1st
2. Individual 1st
3. Classical Musical Vocal (Individual) 1st
4. Group Singing (Individual) 1st
5. Geet 1st
6. Folk Song (Individual) 3rd
7. Kavishri 2nd
8. Vaar 1st
9. Kali Singing (Individual) 2nd
10. Essay Writing 3rd
11. Story Writing 2nd
12. Still Life drawing 1st
13. Quiz 2nd
14. Declamation 1st
15. Mimicry 1st
16. Skit 3rd
17. Mime 2nd
18. Sammi Folk Dance 2nd
19. Sammi Folk Dance (Individual) 1st
20. Fine Arts (Still Life) 1st
21. Collage 3rd
Achievements in Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival: Session: 2013- 2014
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Kavishri 1st
Kavishri (Individual) 1st
2. Vaar 1st
Vaar (Individual) 1st
Vaar (Individual) 3rd
3. Kali 1st
Kali (Individual) 1st
4. Group Singing 3rd
5. Shabad 3rd
Shabad (Individual) 1st
6. Ladies Traditional 2nd
7. Indian Classical 1st
8. Geet 3rd
9. Folk Song 1st
10. Folk Instrument 2nd
11. Instrumental Music 3rd
12. Orchestra Group Folk 1st
Orchestra Group Folk (Individual) 3rd
13. Collage Making 1st
14. Cartooning 1st
15. Mime 1st
Mime (Individual) 2nd
16. Skit 1st
Skit (Individual) 1st
17. Giddha 2nd
Giddha (Individual) 2nd
18. Folk Dance 1st
Folk Dance (Individual) 1st
Inter Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival Session: 2013-2014
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Mime 3rd
2. Folk Dance 3rd
3. Collage Making 1st
Inter University Competition Result 2013-2014
Sr.No. Item Position
1. Collage Making 3rd